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Classroom and live internet classroom training in past life and regression therapy for the UK, Europe, United States (USA), Canada, Turkey, Romania, Singapore, South Africa and Asia time zones. Best quality and fully accredited.

The regression therapy training program covers;

Past Life Training

Past life training focuses on the therapeutic use of past lives and is an important part of the Academy training. This includes how to help a client find the motives of perpetrators to bring forgiveness and completion. How to work with spirit guides and when to do role reversal to other past lives. Also the skills to handle a traumatic past life death and release stuck soul energy because these are the cause of many current life problems.

Current Life Regression Therapy Training

Past Life regression therapy training

The skills of exploring and transforming past lives are core skills that can be built on in current life regression to resolve more client issues. Early childhood trauma is often at the root of patterns of panic attacks, fear, powerlessness to confront others, overwhelming emotions such as anger, difficulty maintaining personal relationships and unexplainable pains. The Academy teaches a range of bridges to quickly explore and transforming them as well as how to handle cathartic release from these old wounds in a safe and caring way. Transformational techniques include age regression, inner child regression, use of soul contacts and clearing ancestral patterns. The Academy also teaches a range of integration techniques for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Body Therapy Training for Resolving Trauma

Trauma which is sometimes called post-traumatic stress has its roots often below the level of conscious awareness but still affecting a person's emotional health. Bessel van der Kolk the director of the Trauma Centre at Boston University stresses the body always carries the memory of past events and the importance of of body therapy. Learn how to do body therapy in person and adapt it using the internet to provide amazing transformations such a resolving unexplainable physical pain.

Spirit Release Training

A spirit attachment is the consciousness of a person who has died and remained earthbound and attached itself to a person. The symptoms include low energy levels, unwanted thoughts and emotional outbursts. Spirit release training taught by the Academy clears the spirit attachment and also the energetic hook that has been holding it in the clients energy field. Training also includes energy management and clearing other types of intrusive energy.

Regression Therapy Training Program

The training is over a one year period. It includes lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises, pair work, supervision and reading. It meets the requirements of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy that manages a single international standard for Regression Therapy.

The training program is open for all qualified professionals and therapists. Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm and life experience appropriate to the helping professions.

A qualification and experience using hypnosis is required.

For those without, a short intensive classroom or home study hypnosis training workshop is offered which leads to a Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis.


The past life and regression therapy training program consists of four workshops over a one year period - 128 hours of tutor faced training in total. It has lectures, live demonstrations, practice sessions with other students, reading assignments and supervision. It covers;

Exploring a Past Life and Transformation in the Spirit Realms

  • Personal and therapy room energy management
  • Guided imagery into a past life
  • Open and directive questions to explore a past life
  • Identifying turning and shut down points
  • Techniques to avoid a diversion when exploring a past life
  • Handling the death experience
  • Recognising and overcoming attachment to the body at death
  • Working with unfinished business from the past life
  • Techniques to find completion and forgiveness in the spirit realms
  • Integration of a client's soul-fragments
  • Working with spirit guides

Bridges and Clearing Energy Blocks

  • Non hypnosis bridges to the source of a client's problem; phrases, emotional and somatic bridges
  • Using energy scans to bridge into a past life
  • Handling a spontaneous catharsis
  • Psychodrama encounters to unfreeze blocked emotional and mental energy from a past life
  • Observing body cues
  • Detecting unfinished business at the end of a session with an energy scan
  • Conducting a regression therapy client interview and the information to collect.
  • Client record keeping including the ethical, legal and moral considerations.

Body Therapy, Current Life Regression and Resolving Trauma

  • Exploring and transforming current life memories
  • Using body therapy to work with deep body patterns from a past life or current life including sexual and physical abuse
  • When to use shamanic spirit animals for shutdowns and the loss of vital soul energy
  • Integration of a past life and current life regression into the present
  • Regression therapy contra indicators

Inner Child Regression and Spirit Release

  • Handling disassociation from a trauma
  • Inner child regression and transformation
  • Detecting and releasing intrusive energy and spirit release
  • Working with other types of intrusive energy
  • Marketing and setting up in practice with regression therapy


On the successful completion of the past life and regression therapy training program a Diploma in Regression Therapy (Dip RTh) is awarded. This enables the graduate to obtain insurance and work professionally with clients. They can join the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Earth Association of Regression Therapy as a regression therapist practitioner.

The Diploma is awarded on the skills and knowledge the student has on regression therapy. Skill assessment will be from observation during practice sesions and from case studies. The full requirements are:

  • Attending all the workshops
  • A minimum of 4 practice sessions under supervision between workshops
  • Complete all the reading and writing assignments
  • Clearing personal unfinished business with regression therapy
  • Supervision while working with clients until qualification
  • After the last workshop a written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using regression therapy

The pre course reading is Healing the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson, published by From the Heart Press and available on the internet.

Classroom Past Life and Regression Therapy Training Workshops

England, UK - 2023 / 2024 - Residential

13-16 July, 26-29 Oct, 15-18 Feb, 23-26 May 24
Past Life Training, Bridgwater, UK Training will take place in Parsonage Side Retreat, Otterhampton, Bridgwater, Somerset. Set in ancient grounds it is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills a short distance from Glastonbury. The tutor fee for 16 days of training, supervision and certification is £ 2200 and overnight accommodation is available for an extra fee. The supervision also includes 8 hours of group internet supervision. The training is led by Wissam Awad and Tracey Hartley in English. Contact Wissam Awad email;

Romania - 2023 - Non Residential and Internet

May to October
Past Life Regression Therapy Training Romania Regression therapy and past life training in Romania. The training is led by Ruxandra Bulzan in Romanian. For more details contact Ruxandra Bulzan email;

Turkey - 2023 - Residential and Internet

April to October
Past Life and Regression Therapy Training in Turkey Regression therapy training in Turkey led by Diba Ayten Yilmaz . A pre-requirement is having personal therapy sessions. For more and to apply contact Diba Ayten Yilmaz email;

Internet Classroom Regression Therapy Training Workshops

Past life and regression therapy training is also available using an internet classroom, and has been successfully delivered this way since 2020. It covers the same content and standards as classroom training. It means you will be able to connect live to the trainer and fellow students in the comfort of your own home and avoid travel and accommodation costs.

Your requirement is a stable internet capable with upload or download speeds in excess of 5Mb, a quiet room free from disturbance, a bed or sofa you can lay on when doing practicals as a client, a laptop with camera built in you can place near you in practicals when you are a student client, and a headset with microphone. If you are unfamiliar with internet training help will be given.

Europe, Singapore, Asia, Australia - 2024

Dates to be finalised
Past Life Training Singapore Regression therapy training for the Europe, Singapore, Asia and Australian time zones. The tutor fee for the training, supervision and certification is £ 2200. The supervision also includes 8 hours of group internet supervision. The training is led by Wissam Awad in English. For more contact Wissam Awad email;

UK, USA, Canada - 2024

17 - 21 Jan, 10 - 14 April, 17 - 21 July, 6 - 10 Nov
Past Life Regression Therapy Training USA Canada Training suitable for UK, USA and Canada time zones. The tutor fee for supervision, certification and training is £ 2000 and a monthly payment option is available. The trainer is Andy Tomlinson in English. For more information contact Andy Tomlinson email;

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Past Life Regression Therapy Associations Important?

Past life and regression therapy content and standards are set by the profession itself. As there is no country regulation in most part of the world this is done by agreement with the leading schools from around the world.

These standards are maintained by the Earth Association of Regression Therapy for regression therapists. The Past Life Regression Academy works to this standard.

Are Past Life Home Study Courses Useful?

If the course is produced with integrity, they are helpful for learning hypnosis and exploring past lives. For students interested in the therapeutic use of past lives this requires being able to transform past lives and have the skills to work with a wide variety of clients. Also, many past life issues have associated current life wounds that need to be resolved as well.

This requires classroom training either by the internet or in person workshops. It allows the student to clear they own personal issues and as a result be able to hold the healing space for clients. If you are going for surgery you expect the surgeon to be trained to the highest standard and not just attending a home study course. Likewise our soul is just as important.

Is Past Life Therapy Ethical?

Most therapies and counselling involve some level of regression. Past life and regression therapy have simply provided more focus in this area. Unfortunately there are therapists with little or poor training who may asking leading questions or make suggestions. Professionally trained Past Life Therapists and Regression Therapists are trained to only ask open questions such as "Tell me more" or "What happens next" and allow past lives or other memories to flow naturally from the client.

"When you realise where you come from you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes you are ready." Lao-Tzu Chinese Taoist master.

Internet Classroom Dates

Europe, Singapore / Asia
UK / USA / Canada

Classroom Dates



"The joy of seeing the transformation of my clients after the sessions is beyond words and makes it meaningful."
U. P. Singapore.

"Attending the past life training was the day I found who I really was as a soul. The therapy transformed me from a shy, restricted person into a confident and out going one who cannot wait to see what life throws at me next. The transformation was done in a loving, caring and compassionate way.

The Academy saved my soul and now my path is to help others to forgive, find themselves, love and to be loved, and most of all to set themselves free like I have."
O. N. Somerset, UK.

"My original goal was between lives regression, but I really fell in love with regression therapy. It can be so rich and I love the transformations, seeing people become lighter and more joyful, and realising who they really are.

I love this work also because I can further develop my creativity and sensitivity. And I love working with emotions and spirit. Thank you from my heart."
A.M. Netherlands

"I just want to express my sincere gratitude. I honestly felt like I had at last come home when we were all together last week! I feel as if I am already deeply connected to this therapy and its been waiting for me. As I read further into this subject, particularly in the connection with the spiritual realm, I often spontaneously burst into tears, its as if I have found my true language.

Bless you for giving this to us. It has changed my life. I have found home and I realise now that I've been looking for it for a very long time. I am sure now this connection is wide open, I will blossom in it, thank you so much."
R.S. South Africa

"I feel so fortunate to have been able to train under Andy Tomlinson and the other excellent tutors on this Diploma. The theoretical and practical teaching is excellent and the level of individual attention we received has outshone any other training I’ve been on.

Our practice sessions were keenly observed from start to finish and nothing was missed by the trainers. I felt supported, inspired and that I received the most on-point guidance throughout.

Amidst all of this the energy of the group, expertly held was so warm and nurturing, it was a beautifully profound experience.

To top it all, I gained some profound healing myself which has been truly life changing. I'm so grateful."
M.B. France

"Thank you so very much for this training program, for the knowledge and the support from start to completion. I am very grateful and feeling extremely blessed to have had this amazing opportunity to grow and be of service in so many ways, thanks to the Academy."
K.Y. Malaysia

"it's the best job in the world! Watching someone heal and knowing you made a real difference to that person and their family is so gratifying and humbling too because we know that when we are doing regression, we are working with teams of guides and they are the ones "driving the bus".

Often a client will end up sending their whole family (sometimes 3 generations) to see you because you've helped them to shed their childhood trauma and this is such a priceless opportunity to not only do ancestral healing, but also send the healing forward for future generations."
E.S. England:

"I was fortunate enough to join an amazing journey of learning past and current life regression with Andy Tomlinson in the Academy. I enjoyed this course tremendously and it taught me so much.

Andy and his fellow teachers transferred the information in a way that I was able to pick up everything fast and had great opportunities to practice so by the end of it I felt that there was no question unanswered and no stone unturned. I received so much from the this course.

I'm very thankful for it and for Andy. I would highly recommend it."

Uses of Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is very effective at resolving a range of unwanted emotions including anger, depression, sadness, powerlessness, guilt and extreme fear. It also resolves unexplainable pain, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress.

Psychiatrists and medical doctors trained in regression therapy in the book Inner Healing Journey have resolved many illness including blackouts, insomnia, migraine and asthma.

Hazel Denning analysed the results of over a thousand regression therapy case studies. Many sought Regression Therapy having tried other therapies without success. After five years, 24% reported that their symptoms were completely gone, 23% reported significant improvement.

Heather Rivera worked with 180 clients using past life regression and found 74% reported thier life was more meaningful and 80% found death no longer held any fear.

Analysis was made of 636 Academy student Diploma case studies over a ten year period. These were selected when unexplainable physical pain symptoms was the focus of therapy. On average after just under two regression therapy sessions there was a dramatic reduction or elimination of the symptoms leaving clients delighted.


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