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Classroom and internet classroom hypnosis training and home study courses by the Past Life Regression Academy for England, UK, Romania, Singapore, Europe, Asia and the United States (USA). Fully accredited training.

Once qualified hypnosis can be used help others to achieve their full potential in life, free from the conditions that have held them back. The mind is really powerful and can produce amazing and lasting results. These skills are also needed for follow on training in past life regression and regression therapy.

Academy Hypnosis Training History

The training is based on the work of psychiatrist Milton Erickson an expert considered by many to be the most influential hypnotist of the twentieth century. He is credited with developing the use of highly successful indirect suggestions, metaphors and story telling in hypnotherapy

Erickson was highly flexible and would adapt his approach with each client and understood the need for a tailored approach. He believed the unconscious mind contained all the necessary resources to bring about positive change, so focused on engaging the unconscious by any means available.

The Academy hypnosis training stared in 2002 and is validated is by the General Hypnosis Standards Council and follow on training includes Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

Foundation Hypnosis Training Overview

hypnosis training This is a 4 day hypnosis training that covers the foundation requirements of using hypnotherapy with clients.

It has lectures, demonstrations, pair work, reading assignments and supervision. Click for a video.


Ideally students will be qualified in psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, energy healing, body work or an approved complimentary therapy. Applicants without qualifications need to have enthusiasm and life experience from the helping professions and show aptitude for studying.

Hypnosis Training Content

This includes:

  • Understanding hypnosis, and its phenomena
  • How the mind works and how hypnosis fits into this model
  • Ethics and client contra indicators when using hypnosis
  • How to conduct a client interview
  • Building rapport with clients through conscious and subconscious mirroring
  • Indirect and direct hypnosis principals
  • Pacing and leading
  • Rhythm and voice control
  • Visualisation inductions
  • Progressive relaxation induction
  • Confusion induction
  • When to use different inductions and scripts
  • Learning the physical indicators of trance
  • Trance deepening and depth assessment
  • Ideo motor responses
  • Using a pendulum for independent checks
  • Steps deepener
  • Anchoring
  • Suggestions; direct, indirect, presuppositions, embedded commands, metaphors
  • Modifying suggestions in scripts to suit your client's requirement
  • Bringing clients out of trance
  • Producing self hypnosis recordings for clients
  • Applying hypnosis in areas such as stress reduction, confidence building and smoking cessation and more

Foundation Certificate Requirements

The Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis enables the student to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally in the areas taught. The student will need to have;

  • Attended the 4 day hypnosis training course
  • Produce a hypnosis recording for skill assessment
  • Completed the workshop hypnosis theory reading and question assignments
  • Produced a written summary of 5 client case studies using hypnosis while under supervision

The foundation hypnosis training meets the requirements to apply for Regression Therapy training and the combination of both allows the graduates to apply for membership to the General Hypnotherapy Register as a hypnotherapist practitioner. For those that also wish to register with the UK Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council only classroom training is currently accepted.

Classroom Hypnosis Training

England, Essex, UK - Non Residential

Date to be finalised, 2023
hypnosis training essex uk Hypnosis training held in High Easter, Dunmow, Essex. The Venue is 25 miles north of London with easy transport links via road or rail. The training will be led by Tracey Harley in English. The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £550 including case study supervision. For more information contact Tracey Harley email;

England, Exeter, UK - Non Residential

29 February to 3 March, 2024
hypnosis training Exeter uk Hypnosis training workshop held on the edge of Exeter. The closest train station is Pinhoe, 1.5 mile walk from the training venue. The training is by Mona Diaz in English The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £550. For more details contact Mona Diaz email;

Romania - Non Residential

Various dates 2023
hypnosis training romania Hypnotherapy training is by Ruxandra Bulzan and language Rumanian. For more information about the training contact Ruxandra Bulzan email;

Internet Classroom Hypnosis Training

This has the same same content and standard as classroom hypnosis training and uses the internet allowing for full interaction with other students and the tutor.

Your requirement is a stable internet capable with upload or download speeds in excess of 5Mb, a quiet room free from disturbance, a bed or sofa you can lay on when doing practicals as a client, a laptop with an in built camera and a headset with microphone. Those new to internet training will be helped and guided.

Europe, Singapore and Asia time zone

14 to 18 February, 2024
hypnosis training europe Foundation hypnotherapy training to Europe and Asia time zone led by Mona Diaz in English. The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £550 ($sing1100). For more details contact Mona Diaz email;

Asia, Singapore and Europe time zone

22 to 26 November, 2023
hypnosis training singapore Foundation hypnosis training to Asia and Europe time zone led by Tracey Harley in English. The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £550 ($sing1100). For more contact Tracey Hartley email;

Home Study Hypnosis Training

The home study training has been very carefully designed with integrity to match the in-person hypnosis training that has been successfully taught to several hundred students for 20 years.

As you develop your hypnosis voice recordings are sent for comment by a supervisor, your knowledge and ability to write suggestions are reviewed with helpful tips and the first five clients are closely supervised. We allocate 5 hours from an instructor supervisor for this so you have full confidence using hypnosis with clients.

  • Video tuition by Andy Tomlinson
  • A training workbook with questions to deepen your knowledge
  • Demonstration videos, scripts and practical sessions using three different types of hypnosis induction
  • Demonstration video, script and practical session using hypnosis deepening
  • Demonstration videos and practical sessions applying hypnosis in stress reduction and confidence building
  • Additional scripts applying hypnosis in smoking cessation, accelerated study, compulsive spending, exam success, fear of flying, golf improvement, nail biting, handling painful periods, public speaking, improving relationships, becoming more positive and weight loss.
  • Supervision to guide you though the training, review your trance inductions, answer questions, help you write and personalise scripts, and monitor your work with your first five clients

The Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis enables student to become insured and work professionally in the areas taught and join the Academy regression therapy training.

Home Study Hypnosis Training Application

hypnosis training online

Supervision, training and certification fee is £550 and is in English. For further information contact Andy Tomlinson email;

Advanced Hypnosis Training

advanced hypnosis training

This is for students that have attended the foundation hypnosis training or similar and wish to further develop their skills.

This 4 day workshop includes lecture, live demonstrations, pair work, supervision and reading assignments.

The content includes:

  • Overcoming challenges using hypnosis and structuring multiple hypnosis sessions
  • The Milton Model
  • Writing your own hypnosis scripts and metaphors
  • Belief testing to assist weight loss sessions, and for successful practice
  • Deepening and maintaining trance depth with cue words
  • Elman induction and deepeners
  • Vogts fractionation induction
  • Parts therapy
  • EmoTrance / colour therapy to reduce residual emotions
  • Handling weight loss sessions
  • How to work with phobias – hypno desensitisation
  • Speaking to groups
  • Control Room of the Mind
  • Growing a successful hypnosis business/building confidence as a therapist
  • Speaking to groups

Advanced Hypnosis Certificate Requirements

For the Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis the student will need to have;

  • A Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis or similar qualification
  • Attended the 4 day advanced hypnosis training workshop
  • Completed the reading assignments
  • Produced a written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using the techniques

Advanced Hypnosis Classroom Training

England, Bath, UK - Non Residential

14 to 17 March, 2024
hypnosis training bath uk Non residential training held in Bath, Somerset with Bath Spa Train Station just a 1.6 mile walk from the training venue. It will be led by Wissam Awad in English. The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £600 including case study supervision. For more information contact Wissam Awad email;

Advanced Hypnosis Internet Classroom Training

Europe, Singapore and Asia time zones

27 to 31 March, 2024
hypnosis training asia Internet classroom training in advance level hypnosis to Asia and Europe time zone led by Wissam Awad in English. The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £600. For more information contact Wissam Awad email;

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"I am lost in that other reality. Its sweet to melt into meaning as sugar melts into water." Jelaluddin Rumi 13 Century Surfi

Classroom Dates

Bath, England
Exeter, England
Essex, England
Advanced Hypnosis

Internet Classroom Dates

Europe / Singapore / Asia
Advanced Hypnosis

Home Study

Home Study

History of Hypnosis

The development of hypnosis first occurred in the 1765 when Franz Mesmer proposed animal magnetism as a basis and method for hypnosis. Although this was discredited, Dr. Elliotson, the physician who introduced the stethoscope to England, later revived the concept.

In 1841, Dr. James Braid used the term hypnotism to describe his approach, which worked through focused attention and he is normally considered to be the pioneer of hypnotism.

In 1845, Dr. James Esdaile, a surgeon working in India, performed hundreds of minor surgical procedures under hypnotic anesthesia.

In 1955, the British Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis initially in the areas of pain management in childbirth and surgery and advised physicians and medical students to receive fundamental training in hypnosis. In 1958, the American Medical Association approved the medical uses of hypnosis and encouraged research on hypnosis.

In the early twentieth century Dave Elman helped promote the medical use of hypnosis. He specialised in training physicians and dentists in the use of rapid inductions.


"The course was delivered with love and intelligence. The ambience was amazing and the trainers where so generous with their time and knowledge. Nothing was to much trouble. The optional evening sessions were absolutely fascinating and the venue fab. I so loved my four days."
C.H. Worcs, UK.

"I would like to thank the Academy for providing me with such a thorough and profession training, It is wonderful knowing I am working on such a solid foundation, I do not think I could have got this anywhere else."
J.R. London, UK

"I’m beside myself with excitement! Thank you for a fantastic online hypnosis course. I feel confident and it’s been an enormous learning curve. The hypnosis supervisor has been utterly amazing! So grateful."
Y.S. London, UK

Why the Academy for Hypnosis Training

The Academy has been offering hypnosis training since 2002 and has successfully trained and qualified over 500 students worldwide.

Whether its home study, internet classroom or traditional classroom training the Academy trainers and supervisors care for and appreciate every student as an individual adult learner, respecting their journey and welcoming their unique learning styles and existing talents.

Educational outcomes are important and as long as the student puts in the effort the Academy strives to help every one to qualify and have the skills and confidence to use hypnosis in their practice.

Many of our students wish to do the follow on past life, regression therapy or between lives training and appreciate that from this hypnosis training they have all the foundation skills and knowledge to do this.

The hand picked tutors and supervisors are a small team of highly skilled hypnotherapists that can guide students at every step and are also past life and regression therapists.


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