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Past Life and Life Between Lives Books

Past life and life between lives books for both theapists and the general reader that give a deeper perspective of past life regression. Also books that show the amazing transformations possible when past lives are used in therapy.

Exploring the Eternal Soul

Author: Andy Tomlinson

life between lives book

Discover the spirit world that awaits us all after death. In deep hypnosis 15 people are guided through a past life death and into their soul memories. In this life between lives book Andy has fascinating accounts of their soul journey and the life changing effects the experience had on them. He also shows the similarity with other pioneers including life reviews, soul groups and planning for the next life.

The second section explores the spirit world in more depth through the answer to questions from evolved spirits of light encountered on this journey that are beyond the need to reincarnate. Find out their views on spirit attachments, the nature of time and on humanities progress from Atlantis to the challenges of today and much more.

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The book is endorsed by life between lives pioneers including Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls and Peter Jenkins author of How I Died and What I did Next.

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Healing the Eternal Soul

Author: Andy Tomlinson

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This past life book is full of absorbing case studies and clearly explains the techniques to explore and transform past lives. It includes how to explore the soul memories between lives, how body therapy can be used for healing deep trauma and spirit release. Although the book is aimed for therapists, it will also be of interest for any reader wanting to deepen their understanding of the eternal soul.

The book is endorsed by the leading past life pioneers including Dr Hans TenDam founder of Tasso training, Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls and Dr Roger Woolger founder of Deep Memory Processing training.

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Shrouded Truth

Author: Reena Kumarasingham

biblical past life book

Quite by chance Reena had a client who spontaneously regressed into a past life of one of Jesus's disciples. Over the next four years seven other people during therapy scheduled for entirely different reasons recalled past lives related to the life of Jesus. The story she weaves together is based on these independent accounts of people who did not know each other and had no previous knowledge of each other’s accounts beforehand. And yet each experience corroborates the others.

What unfolds is a layered, textured tale of family, friends, empowerment, survival, spirituality, connection, sacrifice, and at the core love. It is about what happened before, during, and after the crucifixion of Jesus. And that tale sometimes differs drastically from the fundamental beliefs of Christianity as we know it. A must read intriguing biblical past life book.

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Transforming the Eternal Soul

Editor: Andy Tomlinson

regression therapy book

This regression therapy book is written for therapists and has contributions from experts in different areas. The techniques are clearly explained with tips to get the best results, and case studies to illustrate this and make it a fascinating read.

The topics include how to integrate the results of a therapy session, an energetic way of clearing intrusive energy and how to manage a spiritual emergency. Also, how to still do therapy with a contra indicator clients, and the use crystals and sound in therapy session.

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Healing Deep Hurt Within

Author: Dr. Peter Mack

past life regression therapy book

Peter is a medical doctor and one day a Nursing Sister called him to help with one of her patients. This was a 25 year old girl who had been incapacitated by repeated fainting attacks that had left her unconscious. She had just fainted at her workplace and was admitted through the emergency room. She had a background history of childhood trauma and severe abuse by her husband and had developed dissociative amnesia and suicidal tendencies and was lapsing into depression.

When the traditional medical approached did not work she underwent past life regression therapy with Peter. This is the story of her profound healing.

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Inner Healing Journey

Editor: Dr. Peter Mack

past life book

This book has eleven patient stories, contributed by six authors from various countries and cultures but using the same regression therapy approach. The stories are grouped under three themes: marriage crisis, issues in love and relationships and unexplained medical conditions. All the authors are medical doctors who have included accounts of their own personal journey in learning regression therapy and incorporating it as part of their medical career to help their patients in a more holistic fashion.

It is written to be an absorbing read and bring awareness and hope to the public, and to inspire other medical professionals.

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Life Changing Moments in Inner Healing

Author: Dr. Peter Mack

past life book

The book is a delightful story of how a medical doctor worked with the past lives of four of his patients for amazing healing.

They had symptoms including insomnia, nightmares, phobias, rage, fear of success and public speaking.

"I read this amazing book in one sitting, just couldn't put it down. The incredible detail of each character describing their ordeals in other lives, and the way Dr. Mack is able to help them move on with new understanding and meaning in their current lives, is truly remarkable. The compassion and love to help others, shows the author to be deeply spiritual and knowledgable."

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"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." Jelaluddin Rumi 13 Century Surfi

Author - Andy Tomlinson

Andy Tomlinson

Andy has been using between lives regression, past life, and regression therapy for over 25 years and is the founder of the Academy which he established in 2002.

Through his books Andy shares his work and research in regression therapy and between life regression, further continuing the advancement and global awareness of these powerful therapies.

Author - Reena Kumarasingham

Reena Kumarasingham past life author

Reena is a graduate of psychology and international trainer for the Academy. She has pioneered techniques of historical biblical past lives regression and verifying the work through research.

Reena has given training and talks internationally including Turkey, India, Singapore, Australia, UK and the USA.

Author - Peter Mack

Peter Mack past life author

Peter is a general surgeon practicing in a Singapore hospital.

He has been an associate professor at Duke’s Graduate Medical School, is a certified hypnotherapist and holds a Diploma in regression therapy from the Past Life Regression Academy.

Authors - Inner Healing Journey

The following medical doctors from three continents wrote chapters and are experts using past life and regression therapy to clear deep-seated emotions that underlay medical conditions.

Dr. Karin Maier-Heinle - A German physician and rheumatologist from Munich.

Dr. Moacir Oliveira - A Brazilian psychiatrist and psychotherapist from Salvador.

Dr. Natwar Sharma - A paediatrician and paediatric intensivist from India.

Dr. Sérgio Werner Baumel – A Brazilian neurologist and psychologist.

Dr. Soumya Rao P – An Indian psychiatrist living in Bangalore.


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