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Between Lives Regression Training

Between lives regression training by the Past Life Regression Academy includes online classroom and classroom training.

The Academy has trained and certified 140 between lives regression therapist from 25 countries worldwide with classroom training. To reach further online classroom has been developed to the same standard and is now being delivered to the USA , Europe and Asia timezone.

life between lives training

The between lives regression explores a client's soul memories from their last past life to the current life using deep hypnosis. The client returns to wakeful consciousness with a clear understanding and commitment to live their life purpose.

A highlight of the regression is meeting the Elders. These are Spirits of Light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that not does require them to physically reincarnate. They review the progress of the soul before them and can replay past lives and discus them until the soul understands what will be expected in the next life.

Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a plan. Goals are set based on the patterns from previous karmic experiences and new lessons are agreed between the soul, its Spirit Guide and the Elders. The session finishes with the soul memory of reincarnating into this life and joining the baby's physical body while still in the womb.

The Spirits of Light that direct the Earth's destiny appear to be permitting us to have more information and understanding of our spiritual life than has been available in the past.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training Overview

The objective is for the student to gain the skills and knowledge to guide a client into deep hypnosis and explore their soul memories.

The between lives spiritual regression training uses practical lecture, role play, live demonstration and supervised pair work. Student evaluation during the training is through observation during the practical sessions, and supervision after training while working on case studies. Working in pairs in the training workshop each student will have the chance to guide a life between lives regression as well as experience their own.


The entry requirement is a qualification in hypnosis and a qualification in past life regression therapy or similar and experience using them.

Training Content

The workshop covers:

  • The client preparation and interview
  • Hypnotic deepening techniques for a Between Lives regression
  • The crossover from a past life to enter the soul memories between lives
  • Experiencing rejuvenation energy to heal profound past lives
  • The past life review
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • Meeting the soul group and recognising people in this life
  • Meeting the Elders and reviewing the plan for the next life
  • The place of physical body selection
  • Other activities in the life between lives
  • The experiences of entering the unborn baby
  • Working with unusual soul memories - Non Human, Star Seed, Elemental
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Seeking advice for the client from the Elders
  • Integration of the experience into the client's present life


The requirements for a certificate in between lives spiritual regression are:

  • A foundation certificate in hypnosis or another hypnosis qualification (minimum of 32 hours of tutor training contact)
  • A qualification in regression therapy or similar
  • Successfully complete the between lives spiritual regression training workshop
  • Complete written and reading assignments
  • A written summary of five client sessions
  • A recording of one client session for skill assessment

This is a professional qualification and enables the therapist to join the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association website as a between lives spiritual regression therapist.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training Workshops

Online classroom, Europe and Singapore timezone

18 to 22 May, 2022
between lives training online UK The between lives training training to UK, European and Singapore timezone uses an internet classroom so the student can work from home. The training is led by Reena Kumarasingham and the course language is English. The tutor fee for 5 days of training, supervision and certification is £ 650.
To download the application form click here then use command File, Download.
For more information contact Andy Tomlinson email;

Summary of the Steps to become a Between Lives Regression Therapist

Only qualified and experienced hypnosis practitioners will be accepted for Between Lives Regression training because clients need to be taken to deep hypnosis for this type of regression. If you require this training the Academy offers classroom foundational hypnosis training certification and an online hypnosis version that includes taking clients into deep trance.

The other requirement is training and experience in current life regression, past life regression and spirit release. If you require this training the Academy offers regression therapy training certification that covers all these areas. For those that just need training in spirit release the Academy has an online classroom two day workshop.

The last step is to attend the Academy between lives regression workshop. The certificate is awarded by demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to be an Academy between lives regression therapist through answering theory questions and doing five case studies under supervision. After graduating there is the option to join the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association which includes having a promotional webpage.

"This is the time of union, the time of eternal beauty. The morning of happiness has dawned" Jelaluddin Rumi 13 Century Surfi

Course Dates

Europe / Singapore Time Zone Online


Regression to reveal soul memories has been developed by many pioneers from 1980 onwards including Joel Whitton, Helen Wambach, Delores Cannon and more recently Michael Newton. All worked quite independently and had consistent results.

Like all forms of therapy the pioneers drew from techniques from others, including past life regression and hypnosis and added their own contribution. Although different names have been used including Between Lives, Spiritual Regression, Life between Lives and Between Death and Life the techniques and the regressions are similar.

The Academy has drawn from all these and also the pioneering work of Andy Tomlinson the founder of the Academy in his books Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul.

Why the Academy Between Lives Training

The Academy has been teaching between lives spiritual regression internationally since 2006. These are some of the factors that make the Academy training special;

The trainers are experts using between lives regression.

Learning to do this regression can be intense so the questions to navigate the soul memories have been carefully selected to simplify the navigation and role-play exercises are used that lighten and speed up the learning experience.

The Earth is going through an enormous energetic shift and there are many unusual souls from other dimensions that have incarnated to help. The Academy training goes further than just working with souls from an Earth reincarnation cycle, and includes unusual souls such as Star Seed, Non-Human and Elemental souls.


"I am so grateful for all the hard work and love that the trainers shared with me during my learning experience. This opened so many doors to me in a professional sense and spiritually. I can now see that my growth has no boundaries and that is so exciting."
Y.K. Australia.

"Thank you so, so much for the wonderful course, it was the most amazing, fantastic, thrilling, marvellous, mystical experience of my life. It was a magical few days and has enhanced my skills no end. I practically flew all the way home.

It was great meeting like minded individuals and sharing stories of our journeys in life as well as training together and all the fun things we did in the evenings. Your method of teaching is second to none, and your caring nature and sense of fun made it a very enjoyable experience indeed. I cannot wait for another workshop."
L.H. Wales.


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