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Internet classroom spirit release and energy training by the Past Life Regression Academy covering a wide range of intrusive energy. This includes psychic attacks, curses, black magic, thought forms, elementals, obsessive spirit attachments and energy from other dimensions and planes of existence.


The word Elemental refers to the different energies that vitalise the four elements of earth air, fire and water. Nature spirits are part of this vitalising nature including trees and plants. Over mankind’s history they have been called nymphs, fairies, elves, land spirits, divas, trolls, garden spirits, imps, earth spirits, brownies, and goblins. Being just energy they cannot be seen with the naked eye although people that have developed psychic skills have described them.

Nature spirits are part of an energetic form of evolution co existing with the physical forms of humans, animals and plants. They are the transformers of life, taking in energies coming from the higher-order worlds and stepping them down into a form that can be used by the subtle bodies of nature, trees and plants. They tie themselves to specific landscapes and to geographical features such as rivers, and to species of plants and animals, and even to the individual plants themselves.

Nature spirits can accidentally land on humans or animals and although there is no harmful intent they have a different vibrational energy and the resonance difference can cause headaches or feeling unwell.

Spirit Attachments

The existence of spirit attachments is a controversial subject. Michael Newton, who introduced the amazing spiritual world between lives in his book Journey of Souls takes the position that spirit attachments do not exist. This was based on the accounts of thousands of clients who in their life between lives never mentioned they had a spirit attachment. Past life and regression therapists belonging to Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and also the Earth Association of Regression Therapy have found amazing reduction in client symptoms after spirit attachment release.

The research Andy Tomlinson and Ian Lawton did in the book Exploring the Eternal Soul made a contribution in untangling this subject. Research subjects had previously experienced a between lives regression to explore soul memories while in deep hypnosis. In a second session interactive communication was established to the evolved spirits of light called by a variety of names such as Council, Elders, and Wise Ones encountered on this journey. These evolved spirits are beyond the need to reincarnate on Earth and review a soul’s life plan and the final preparation before incarnation. Working in a group they have a collective knowledge far greater than any individual spirit. Also, because the client is in deep hypnosis, conscious mind interference is minimised. Structured questions were asked about a range of subjects including spirit attachments. The reliability of the information was established by looking for consistency between the answers from ten different groups of Elders working through ten different subjects.

All the groups of Elders confirmed that after death some souls do not immediately return to the spirit realms and remain earthbound for a variety of reasons – they are not aware they are dead, wanting to stay with loved ones on the earth plane, fear of going to the light, the attraction of staying in the material world, and sometimes because the unsolved negative energy they hold makes it difficult to respond to the pull home. When a person with spirit attachments dies some attachments may leave of their own accord. Others remain attached until the soul has crossed over and gone for energy healing.

At that time they are removed by a lattice work of energy filters and given a choice of continuing to be earthbound or going to the spirit realms. This happens without the client’s soul being aware of the process. It is worth remembering that following physical death consciousness is often in a confused state and in physical life most people are unaware they have a spirit attachment. So it is not surprising that Michael Newton's life between lives clients do not mention they have had a spirit attachment removed.

The research confirmed that spirit attachments can either be lightly attached at the edges of a person’s energy field or are deep inside on a hook. The hook is when the person went through some emotional crisis earlier in life, which provided an opening in their energy field for the discarnate to enter. It’s like a form of psychic resonance – the unsolved emotions of the discarnate and the person’s current life issues. This is important to know because after the spirit attachment is removed the person’s current life issues need to be resolved to remove the hook. Otherwise this is an opening for other discarnate energies to attach to in the future.

Effects of Spirit Attachments

Some spirit attachments sit at the very edge of a person’s energy system and may have little effect other than a headache or feeling low in energy. Other spirit attachments can be much deeper, where the spirit attachment almost feeds off the energy of the person.

There can be a merging of thought processes so that the person they’ve attached to starts to experience unwanted thoughts and emotional outburst which come from the spirit attachment. The host may feel drawn towards some behaviour they would not normally do. If the host has a large enough opening or a weak psyche from an illness or accident, the attachment might really live through them, and even to take them over in some way. These are called obsessive spirit attachments.

Curses and Black Magic

A curse or hex is when someone sends energy to another person with the intent to cause some type of harm. This can be from an intense thought or mantra that is projected via the universe to the person, the opposite of prayers. Or it can be projected onto an object that is sent to the other person such as a letter, email or disguised as a present.

A number of spiritual, religious and mystical traditions utilise black magic as part of their practices. Individual practitioners of magic may draw from multiple traditions. It involves a person paying a practitioner who projects energy like a curse to a named person. The signs of a black magic attack are very similar to the symptoms of a psychic attack. Both types of attacks are personal and often designed to cause confusion, unfound fears, reverse in fortune and various outside forces that attempt to affect your life. This type of attack can also have physical effects, such as depression, weakness, headaches, sickness or other physical symptoms. If you're energy sensitive, you may feel the presence of the spell worker and the negative energy being sent to you.

Dark Energy

This is a collective term for a wide range of unhelpful energies. From a spiritual perspective it is not good or bad because everything serves a purpose in the bigger picture. It is not to be confused with what some refer to as ‘demonic possession’. This subject was clarified in the research mentioned earlier, and the various groups of ‘Elders’ said demonic forces are just in the minds of people. If they expect to encounter them they will.

Dark energy covers obsessive spirit attachments that are difficult to remove, as well as a range of intrusive energies or fragments that has accumulate over millennia due to wars, mass torture and even energy experimentation in ancient civilisations. Fragments may be highly charged by energy portals.

The physical effects of dark energy on a client can include a depleted energy field, sudden exhaustion, the inability to think clearly, irritability and lack of motivation. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues.

Spirit Release and Advanced Energy Training

This is a two-day internet classroom workshop for clearing a wide range of intrusive energy and spirit release training using an energy vortex and high vibration energy. Its open to therapists who have done extensive work on their own personal issues to have the spiritual permission to work with high vibrational energy. It includes practical lecture, live demonstrations and pair work. The content includes:

  • Review of basic energy management, including personal and therapy room protection and energy clearance, using a pendulum and therapists ideo-motor signalling
  • Different intrusive energy types – spirit attachments, thought forms and emotional energy, elementals, obsessive spirit attachments, highly charged earthbound emotional energy (referred to as dark energy), and energy from other dimensions and planes of existence.
  • Different types of personal energy protection when clearing intrusive energy
  • How to use an Energy Vortex to quickly clear intrusive energies
  • Detecting and clearing intrusive energies and fragments from yourself
  • Obsessive spirit attachment release and clearing dark energy from clients
  • Clearing curses and black magic
  • Colour therapy to clear thought forms and emotional energy
  • Clearing intrusive energy from other parts of the cosmos
  • Working remotely to clear intrusive energy from land and buildings

Online classroom, UK and Europe timezone

18 - 19 June 2022
online spirit release energy clearance training Advanced spirit release and energy training suitable for the Europe timezone using an online classroom so the student can work from home. The training is by Andy Tomlinson and the course language is English.
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Online internet classroom, Singapore and Asia Timezone

24 - 25 September, 2022
spirit release and energy clearance training usa Spirit release and advanced energy clearance suitable for the Singapore and Asia timezones using an online classroom so the student can work from home. The training is by Andy Tomlinson and the course language is English.
To download the application form click here then use command File, Download.
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"Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" Jelaluddin Rumi 13 Century Surfi

Internet Classroom Dates

Singapore and Asia

Energy Protection

Einstein and the science of physics have established that everything is energy. Solid objects like ice have a lower vibration energy and water vapour around it has a higher vibration. In a similar way our physical body has a dense energy with a higher vibration energy around it called the aura that extends for a few meters. Our thoughts and emotions are in this energy field, as are intrusive energies from outside that can affect our health.

We all have an energy aura around us that acts as a protective screen to block out and repels the negative energies of others, and also prevents leakage of our own energy. However, a tear or weakness in our aura can make it susceptible for other energies to enter. This can be caused by stress, trauma, depression, abuse, physical injuries or illnesses.

Whenever we are around other people, we are exposing ourself to their subtle energies. There are times when people have lower vibrational energies caused by negative thoughts and emotions such as depression, and these can drain our aura. Also there are discarnate spirits – the conscious energy of people he have died but not gone home to the light, and these can enter our aura. So protection is about strengthening our energy aura.

Just as its important to keep our home and personal body clean, its also important to energetically clear the energy of our home, workplace and personal aura on a regular or daily basis. This will help restore our positive state and allow any negativity to leave.


"It was magical, very much valued by myself on many levels. I am guided to work with the earth energy lines and sacred sites. The energy vortexing techniques are amazing. I have always been a little hesitant and fearful of spiritual emergence I think due to my psychiatric background however now feel really confident."
J.T. Scotland:


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