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Information on free online spiritual courses covering exploring your own past lives, healing current life wounds, using a pendulum and energy management. The home study courses use videos, provide detailed notes and exercises that you can use at your own pace.

They are available to the general public as an introduction to the subject.

Exploring Your Past Lives

Exploring your past life free course

As souls we have chosen to incarnate on Earth to continue learning lessons incomplete from previous lives that are important for our personal growth and evolution. This free home study course enables you to experience these past lives and have spiritual tools to understand them. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English. Click for the course.

"I'm thrilled that you developed this course. I am aware of the enormous benefits of past life regression." Martha Escamilla, Spain.

Energy Management and How to Use a Pendulum

energy management free homestudy course

An important part of our spiritual growth is the management of the energy field around us, and is needed for our health. It requires being protected and cleaned just like our physical body. This course teaches intuitive and spiritual tools to clear intrusive energies from it and how to use a pendulum. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English. Click for the course.

"The course was excellent. I followed the instructions and did spirit release on myself and I managed to clear them." Christopher Bothma, South Africa.

Clearing Emotional Issues

clearing emotional issues free course

This course teaches a range of simple yet powerful techniques to handle and start to clear emotional issues. It introduces how to start healing inner child wounds that have been shaping unhelpful relationship patterns. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English and free. Click for the course.

"The course is a pure diamond packed with information and healing." Sonia Sarina Birrer, Switzerland.

Pioneering New Consciousness

In every part of the world people are experiencing polarisation and growing chaos on a scale never known before in the history of humanity - pollution, epidemics, lockdowns, climate change, inflation, wars, violence in the streets, governments seeming out of touch and corrupt, main stream and social media censoring information and global organisations growing bolder in dominating world events.

Is this just a bad time for humanity? Follow the link to find out more, about pioneering the new consciousness and other spiritual courses and workshops.

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