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What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Andy Tomlinson

Spirit release therapy is an approach to clear a spirit entity from a persons energy field that has been affecting their well being. A spirit entity is the consciousness of a person who has died and left their physical body but remained earthbound. When it attaches itself to a building its referred to as a ghost and when it attaches to a person its often called a spirit attachment.

What are the Symptoms of Spirit Attachments?

spirit release therapy

Fringe spirit attachments, where the energy sits at the very outside of a person’s energy system, may have little effect other than feeling low in energy or a headache. But then there are other spirit attachments that can be much deeper, where the soul energy almost feeds off the energy of the person to whom they have become attached. They most commonly have an effect upon a person’s health, because their energy is being disrupted.

There can be a merging of thought processes if the attachment is deep enough and has dense enough energies, so that the person they’ve attached to starts to experience unwanted thoughts and emotional outburst which come from the spirit attachment. A person may feel drawn towards some behaviour they would not normally do. If the attachment has a large enough opening, they might be allowing that soul energy to really live through them, and even to take them over in some way.

History of Spirit Release Therapy

The history of spirit release therapy involves many of the world religions and shamanic traditions that have mentioned removing spiritual entities. When performed by religious person such as a priest its called exorcism.

One of the first medical doctors using spirit release was Dr Carl Wickland who in 1924 released an earthbound spirit with the help of mediumship from his wife, and spent the next 30 years pioneering this work. Among his recorded cases were patients diagnosed with psychosis that was resolved following spirit release. This is of particular interest because it represents a group of patients whose suffering is at the extreme end of the scale of mental illnesses, and the most difficult to treat using traditional medical and psychotherapeutic methods.

William Baldwin’s book Spirit Releasement Therapy was a breakthrough in documenting many of the techniques that could be used with spirit release. Psychiatrist Shakuntala Modi also added to this body of knowledge, and Louise Ireland-Frey in her book Freeing the Captives introduced more respectability in the subject given her professional medical background. All gave examples of clients whose therapist followed a protocol assuming the presence of spirit attachments and their client’s symptoms of intrusive thoughts, loss of energy, and unwanted behaviours immediately improved.

Meanwhile in the UK Dr Alan Sanderson, a consultant psychiatrist at Fairfield Hospital, quietly used release therapy in the Health Service. Since leaving in 1997 he gave talks of his case studies and successes with spirit release to the Spirituality Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In 2000 he established the Spirit Release Foundation backed by a group medical practitioners and complementary therapists. It aimed to redress the imbalance between the experiences of professionals in private practice and the need for education in mainstream psychiatry.

What are Spirit Release Therapy Techniques

Detection can use a pendulum yes and no signals, scanning a person's energy field and feeling the energy, using a clients subconscious ideo-motor finger signalling while in trance or various kinesiology tests.

The simplest form of release is with the help of spirit guides. For spirit attachments unwilling to leave some form of communication is needed. Those with psychic skills can telepathically communicate with the spirit attachment. Alternatively therapists can encourage the attachment to talk using the client's voice or though lifting the client's fingers for giving a yes and no.

Communication initially is aimed at weakening the hold the spirit attachment has on the client – reminding the attachment it is dead, that it is not in its own body, and that the client does not want it.

The strategy then is to find out what is needed for it to go to the spirit realms – reunited with a loved one, recreating some aspect of the human world, or overcoming any fear. With these and other intuitive insights spirit attachments are normally eager to return home.

Finally the client’s energy field needs filling with healing energy and any hook removed through regression therapy. My past life regression book Healing the Eternal Soul goes into these techniques in more detail. Students taught these approaches enjoy doing the work because it’s quick, done with love, and allows them to use their intuition. This is totally different from exorcism that uses fear to try and force the spirit attachment from the person, which often results in the spirit attachment jumping to another person.

So what happens with spirit attachments that are unresponsive to leaving the client despite all the persuasive attempts of the therapist? Hans TenDam calls them obsessors. William Baldwin had a powerful technique of bringing down love/light to the spirit attachment that transforms them. I prefer creating an energy portal using high vibrational energy intuitively controlled to flush way the unwanted energy through the portal. Afterwards healing energy is given to the client.

The regression therapy book I edited Transforming the Eternal Soul covers the energy vortex in more detail and spirit release training teaches students to use it.

What Happens in Spirit Release Therapy?

Normally a single session is enough to clear spirit attachments by a professionally trained past life therapist If the persons emotional issues have opened their energy field for the spirit attachment to enter this needs resolving to stop new attachments entering in the future, and more sessions will be needed.

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