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Andy Tomlinson

Regressing people to the source of their problem in a current life and transforming it is well established. Taking this further into a past life is becoming more accepted. However, the most important thing is respecting the inner world experience of a client, allowing them to discover their own answers by connecting to their inner wisdom.


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What got me interested in working by proxy were some remarkable side effects of the past life regression therapy that I was using. One client had never talked to her mother for ten years following an emotional break up. During therapy she had an intuitive dialogue with the spiritual part of her mother and found completion. Within 24 hours her mother phoned saying she had suddenly felt different about her. Following this a loving relationship was re-established.

Another client’s father had a horrific suicide. Several years later the police still had the case open, and the client, her mother and sister still had unresolved emotional issues about the event. During therapy the client had an intuitive dialogue with the spiritual parts of her mother, sister, the police and her father. Through this the client found completion about the event. However, the surprise was within a week the police phoned to say they had closed the case, and her sister and mother phoned to say that they suddenly felt different about her father and could let go of the death.

Perhaps all of these events where simply coincidence, or perhaps the intuitive dialogue had somehow effected the soul of the people involved. To understand it further are two case studies that will go into more detail.

The Small Girl Who Would Not Talk to Adults

Anita, was a thirty two year old mother and student on one of my training workshops who had moved to France with Martha, her four year old daughter. Martha was a healthy and happy child who had already started to speak. However, there was one area of concern. Anita explained, “When an adult looked at her and talked to her, even the most kindly person, her eyes would swell with tears and she would look away.” Things got worse when she went to school some months later. “She chatted with other children in French but not a word to any of the teachers or adults. It appeared she had an unexplainable anxiety talking to adults even though she was growing up in a perfectly loving and happy environment.”

Doing therapy on Martha’s issue was difficult because of her age and because of her inability to talk to a therapist. Her mum agreed to be a proxy client. That meant that the therapist would work with Anita, but the intent was to resolve Martha’s issues by proxy. Anita was regressed into a past life of Martha when she was a girl of about ten years old being nagged by her grandmother, and not able to speak to defend herself. Transformation cleared the issues beween them and Anita’s feedback after therapy was, “I recognise that pattern with me and Martha, and the nagging grandmother from the past life. Following the session a lot has changed in my communication with Martha and our relationship has gained another dimension. However, there is little change in Martha’s ability to talk to other adults.”

The next proxy session was a regression into Martha’s past life as an Indian boy at the age of eight who was caught up by a small group of an enemy clan. He was interrogated but did not understand what they wanted, so his tongue was cut out and he was left to die. Women from the same clan came to rescue and look after him. As an adult he formed his own group of friends who understood him and lived apart from the village. In the transformation there was the opportunity to talk to all the characters from the past life and find forgiveness.

Anita’s comments following the session were, “The proxy sessions truly felt like someone else’s memory and the amazing thing is Martha’s changed so much and can talk to adults so easily now. At school she just can't stop talking. She is very witty even in public, jokes and makes other people laugh all the time."

To understand proxy from a spiritual perspective we are energy beings - just dense energy when in human form. Prior to incarnation, the soul itself has determined the different issues that it wishes to experience. These are relationship and emotional lessons that are experienced so that they can be mastered. But in order to understand them fully souls need to be able to feel them and have them directed at them by others. So emotional learning can often be characterised by somewhat repetitive patterns over a number of life times as the soul attempts to master particular emotions in a variety of life settings.

As energy beings we hold the memory of unresolved emotions in our energy field with an intuitive link to the other soul involved. And of course the other soul holds memory of unresolved lifetimes as well. This is why a lot of incarnations are done by soul groups reincarnating in different roles together attempting to help each other resolve these old issues. Healing while in human form involves understanding the issues at a soul level by both souls. It’s like soul retrieval for both souls.

In the case of the girl not talking to adults an energetic link existed between the proxy person and the end client because they were mother and daughter in this life. The communication problem seemed to be a past life that they both experienced. Resolving the past life enabled both souls to return lost soul energy and communication between them improved. It also gave Anita new insights in her mother’s role with Martha. The second past life seemed to explain the talking problem that Martha had. Resolving the past life traumatic memory of having the tongue cut out seemed to clear the intensity of dense energy held by Martha in this life.

The Schizophrenic

It was about seventeen years since Joan was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Her disease affected all areas of her own and her family life. It started with delusions of persecution. She really believed she was being picked on and that her parents and all the people around were out to get her. She had depression and would have fits of crying. Anything said to her would be interpreted as an insult, and she would lose her temper as a result of paranoia. Her psychosis was so severe with harmful thoughts to herself that she was treated with anti-psychotic drugs. Even though Joan had a bad reaction to them the doctors said it could be permanent.

When Joan was diagnosed with schizophrenia, the family was in shock. They felt pain, anger, frustration, helplessness and felt responsible for Joan, but at the same time powerless to help her. The worst was revealing the schizophrenia diagnosis to friends and family. They had to live with Joan’s schizophrenia, as well as finding the strength to cope with the impact of discrimination and stigma and at the same time hope for the future.

Her sister Jerry, a homeopath, had a proxy session for Joan which involved clearing her energy, current life regression and past life regression. The energy work consisted of releasing a number of spirit attachments that were with Joan. One was a man who committed suicide, and another a young girl who was forcibly drowned. They seemed to be responsible for Jess’s thoughts about suicide and wanting to kill others and where released. The past life was a young woman in America during the nineteenth century. Initially it was a happy life of marriage and living in a big house that turned badly wrong when the husband was killed in an accident. Left to fend for herself with little money and no help from others she found the work hard and never recovered from the loss, giving up on life. She died with sadness by herself. The pattern of survival was repeated in her current life when Joan was a young child beaten badly by her father for some small misdemeanour, and when she was in by herself in a psychiatric hospital receiving electrical shock treatment. The past and current life events where transformed by bringing in a spiritual perspective on the experiences.

Higher mind communication with Joan’s soul indicated the suicidal thought would stop immediately, and the emotions of sadness and loneliness and agitated behaviour would reduce over the next few weeks. Additional help was suggested including Homeopathic remedies from Jerry, active support from the family and counselling once a week for a few months. Major changes would be noticeable in two months and full recovery was possible

News of the therapy was discussed with Jerry’s family so they could help in actively supported her. After two weeks Jerry reported, “Mum noticed some subtle changes in Joan’s behaviour. First of all she shows more interest in everyday life. She does some work around the house, where before it was rather impossible. She would previously just sit almost still in one place. She also has fewer voices as well and my Mum noticed that she talks to the voices a lot less. I have looked at her case from homeopathic point of view by taking into account my regression experience. I have come up with the remedy for her that I would never have considered before. This remedy is rarely used and it cover’s physical abuse, punishment, difficult childhood. What surprised me was that the remedy covers the majority of her mental and physical symptoms. I sent the remedy last week. What I found most helpful from the regression is that the barrier between Joan and myself has gone. Communication with her is quite difficult. I had over the last two weeks at least three conversations and I feel like I could talk to her everyday.”

This case shows that there are limitations of working by proxy. Whilst some symptoms could be removed from Joan's current life, issues existed with her father which was part of both of their life lessons. It required them to discover their own answers in the family situation for the lesson to be fully understood and for the healing to be complete. It also illustrates that help can be given to clients who would otherwise be contra indicators of past life regression therapy.

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