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Alfonso Crosetto

Physical evidence that the location of past life memories is different from the location of imagination and current life memories in the brain.

Research with Magnetic Functional Resonance

Past Life Memory Location Research

Magnetic Functional Resonance is one of the most advanced and precise instrument used in modern medicine today to observe the brain. It can be used to study brain activity and to discover which part of the brain is activated when a subject is talking or doing a mental activity.

This research used two different Magnetic Functional Resonance machines (Tesla 1,5 and Tesla 3) in two different Hospitals. It used different subjects; male, female, different ages, different hypnotic ability and beliefs, all experiencing a past life while being monitored.

The subjects were screened for amnesia, depression, panic attacks, alcohol or substance abuse symptoms in the last 6 months. They were selected for different ability to reach a level of trance state (Stanford Scale). Then the subjects were put in a Magnetic Functional Resonance machine.

A regression was started, recalling first a memory of the current life, then a memory of a past life going to the end of the life, and then beyond the death into the spiritual realm. All the images were pre-processed and analyzed using Statistical Parametric Mapping.

During the past life and the spiritual realm experience there was no activation of brain area used for storing current life memories or imagination. The part of the brain activated was the same in all the subjects and in an area associated with deep relaxation and or transpersonal experiences. This seems to suggest that for these subjects past life memories are not imagination or forgotten current life memories.

The research is still a pilot study and needs larger scale research before being published. The team I work with are currently looking for funds in order to continue this research.

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About the Author

Alfonso Crosetto, email; alfonso.crosetto@gmail.com is a past life and regression therapist with the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association. He was trained by the Past Life Regression Academy and the medical team he works with on this research is led by Maria Consuelo Valentini, MD, Neurologist and Radiologist, Chief of the Neuroradiology Department, Città della Salute e della Scienza, Turin, Italy.