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Lucy Jordon

Janet was the eldest of three sisters. After her father, and more recently her mother died there was a huge family split and her youngest sister tried to disinherit Janet, but she managed to retain the house that her mother had owned because she had been paying rent to her mother to live there for a number of years. As if that wasn’t bad enough shortly after her mother’s death Janet's partner walked out without a word and has never been in touch since.

As an adult she was very often excluded from family gatherings and felt like the black sheep of the family. The recent ‘bullying’ and disinheritance by the youngest sister and rejection by remaining family was a deep wound. Janet felt completely rejected by her partner, her sisters, their husbands and their children. She wanted to reduce her feeling of injustice which was very intense and with her most of the time. It was also affecting her health and was unable to sleep soundly at night, her asthma was worse and she had started to feel pain in her gums from clenching her jaw.

What Happened

past life injustice

Her first past life was as an old woman in a medieval village being shouted at and having things thrown at her. She was a ‘wise woman,’ the villagers were afraid of her because she was different. The most significant event was her death. She left the village and starved to death in the woods feeling a total outsider. She recognized the feeling of injustice.

She entered her next past life as a French soldier feeling numb and shocked with dead bodies around him following a battle. What was more significant later in that life was being an old man and realizing he had never recovered from the trauma. He had seen too much horror, it filled his heart with sadness and hurt that humans could be like that, and that he was a part of it. He had become humble and retreated from the world, almost mentally ill. Again the pattern of feeling isolated and the injustice of what people can do to each other was taken from that life.

Current life memories of injustice were explored the most significant being invited for a family Christmas dinner but when she turned up with her son there was no food on the table, unbeknownst to her they had decided not to eat but no-one had told her. Her son was also very upset.

During one of the past lives and current life transformations she recognized her mum was one of the generals from the war, and got the spiritual insight that as a soul she had chosen her mum 'to experience strife and learn to deal with it’ which helped her come to a place of forgiveness. Through intuitive dialogue with her mum and sisters from her current life she was able to forgive them. With the help of a spirit guide a series of steps to help her deal with injustice were identified.

Change of Symtoms

After the sessions her feeing of injustice disappeared completely and the physical symptoms of insomnia and asthma were greatly reduced. She is not outwardly blaming any more and taking responsibility for her own life. This is what she said about the experience:

“Taking my hand and walking me through my own mind with such ease and comfort the releasing of my trauma was a pleasure. In her wisdom she took me exactly where I needed to go to uncover childhood hurts, reveal lifelong patterns and release them. To see the truth of situations and relationships that had caused me such pain. I wasn’t convinced it would work, or that I could even be in that head-space. It took her about 3 minutes and I didn't even notice. I discovered all kinds of childhood hurts that I see have defined me, in good ways and bad. I saw the dynamics of my family clearly, and in understanding and processing I healed old wounds."

"And we traveled beyond, before this life to many others, all fascinating, all deeply personal and heartfelt; moving. I spoke to her as them and knew every detail of those lives. I absolutely knew the people I had been before, felt the same soul thread that is me journeying across time. I was often incarnate seeking to bring the light of truth and understanding to people and being maligned for it, just like this life. An outsider, truth speaker, misunderstood. I healed them all."

"Its been a game changer, Lucy was incredible. Her gentle voice, wonderful wisdom, beautiful compassion and huge heart have guided me back to myself in ways that are still unfolding. I understand so much more, so much more deeply. And the horrible, horrible gut wrenching pain, the resentment against my family and Paul, the rage, hatred, the grief, the feeling sorry for myself, it's all gone. Released. I am free of that which had bound me. I was a prisoner of pain and could not free myself. My life has not become perfect. But it is no longer ruled by the trauma of the past.”

Lucy is a graduate of the Past Life Regression Academy and can be contacted on Email: lucyjordan99@hotmail.com

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