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How to Become a Past Life or Regression Therapist

Becoming a past life therapist or regression therapist and finding the right training is a big step. Just reading course outlines or the school promotional material can be very confusing. This article is to offer help for you to decide what is best for your needs.

My name is Andy Tomlinson and I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, regression therapist and reincarnation author. Importantly I have worked as an international trainer of past life and regression therapists for over 25 and I would like to share a few tips to help you make this decision.

Decide on Your Objective

become a past life regression therapist

You may be fascinated about past lives after reading some of the wonderful books written on the subject and just be curious and want to occasionally take a friend to experience a past life. A little like offering past life tourist trips.

Or you may be an existing therapist and just want to add some past life techniques to the existing therapies you are qualified in.

Perhaps you are more interested in the therapeutic use of past lives which also requires being able to transform past lives and have the skills to work with a wide variety of clients.

While working with past lives is very powerful, often it’s necessary to work on current life emotional issues as well so having these skills is needed. Some client issues can have a deep trauma associated from childhood or sexual abuse and specialist techniques like body therapy and inner child regression are needed. Sometimes the client’s issues cannot be resolved without clearing intrusive energy such as a spirit attachment. This is the consciousness of someone who died and did not go to there spiritual home and has attached to the client. Having all these skills as well as working with past lives is called being a regression therapist.

How Important is Previous Experience of Therapy

With the right school and training program it should make no difference.

While highly experienced therapists and medical professionals have a base of therapy skills to build on they can sometimes be less open to fully evaluate new ones. On the other hand students with no previous experience of therapy tend to be quick learners but may not fully understand what its like to be a therapist and decide at some point being a therapist is not for them.

Personally I’ve found a short foundational level hypnosis training important because it gives skills to take clients into past lives and also enables those new to therapy to be able to work with clients using hypnotic suggestions to build skills, confidence and ensure being a therapist is the right direction for them.

Past Life Home Study Training

There are many low cost courses about the price of a good book with instructions to take clients into past lives. For past life tourism these are fine. To have confidence in using past lives for more than working with a few friends confidence and support are needed which means being supervision by an experienced therapist and unfortunately most of these courses do not have this. Home study is totally unsuitable for any current life therapy because it’s like giving a person a knife and saying you are now a surgeon.

Internet Classroom Past Life Training

Having tuition by an experienced trainer is important, and seeing live demonstrations and practice sessions with fellow students. This is possible with internet classroom training and can be done from your home, saves money on accommodation and travel and is more convenient for someone who prefers to be at home while learning. It does however require using a computer, having a good internet signal and a quiet room free from interruption at home.

Traditional Classroom Past Life Training

This is the established way of learning and is normally done in a workshop site that offers overnight accommodation. Outside of lesson time it is also an opportunity to build new relationships with like minded colleagues so is a more social way of learning.

As with internet classroom training look for a balance between tutor talks, demonstrations and practical sessions.

While training for a past life therapist can be a little as 4 days, training to be a regression therapist can be between 16 to 24 days.

How to Evaluate the School and Teacher

A good therapist is not necessary a good teacher as there are as many skills in being a teacher as doing therapy. So look at what training the trainer has had to be a trainer as well as their years of doing therapy.

How established is the school and how many graduates does it have? This gives an indication of the quality of training you are likely to experience. Poor quality schools quickly disappear.

Supervision is really important and ensure that’s it is built into the training as it’s essential to build student confidence and gives help when unexpected problems occur. A good supervisor may charge £100 and hour so be careful of low cost course claiming to offer unlimited supervision.

Also look at how schools measure the therapeutic results of student case studies with clients. A client saying they feel a little better is very vague. Something more objective is important such as anger at an intensity level of 8 out of 10 before therapy and 0 or 1 out of 10 after therapy.

Also look for books written by the teacher or the founder of the school and read one.

Most established schools believe in the importance of international standards set by associations that are not related to just one training organisation. Two of the leading ones are the IBRT for past life therapists and EARTh for regression therapists.

Referrals from previous students is a good way finding out about the school or having personal therapy from one of the graduates of the school.

Past Life and Regression Therapy Training Costs

The money you need to invest in training depend upon which objective you have. Some homestudy courses for past life tourism are the price of a good book or weekend courses for a few hundred pounds. Professional training in regression therapy including supervision are between 1 and 3 years and can cost from £2000 to £5000.

I’m a believer that if something is important for a person at a soul level money needed will be found. So I would suggest decide on what you want and ask the universe to help you.

After Getting Your Qualification

Most training includes practice sessions between students so you can start to resolve your personal issues. I always encourage graduates to continue this after becoming qualified in swap sessions with a colleague. Not only does this continue the healing journey but it consolidates skills by getting valuable feedback from a knowledgable colleague. Regression therapy graduates of the Academy can join the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and an experienced regression therapist can be assigned to be a mentor, free for 6 months.

Setting up business as a therapist can be a challenge for anyone who has never managed their own business before or are new to therapy. Normally it’s best to start small and have other forms of income and allow the new therapy business to grow organically. Training schools should include marketing in their training to help give more ideas in this area.


Always remember journeys are as important as the destination, have fun, and be open to your intuition guiding you to the school to use as you gather information.

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