Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Videos

Soul Journey - A Series of Videos Including Live Recordings.

Past life videos and life between lives videos called the Soul Journey

Part 1 - Past Life Regression
Evidence for reincarnation plus a video of a dramatic past life death.
Part 2 - Regression Therapy
The spiritual view of ill health plus a video showing past life body memories.
Part 3 - Life Between Lives Regression
What happens to the soul between lives plus a live regression.
Part 4 - Spirit Releasement
Discarnate souls that attach themselves to people plus releasement video.

The Spiritual Regression Show with Reena on More TV.

Past life videos and life between lives videos called the Spritual Regression Show

How Past Lives Heal
Andy Tomlinson and how regression therapy is a marriage of psychotherapeutic concepts as well as spirituality.
Life Between Lives Regression
How deep insights gained in this type of regression can change peoples lives.
Spirit Releasement
Psychiatrist Dr. Alan Sanderson is the first medical professional doing this work in the UK.
What is a Spiritual Emergency
Catherine Lucas and Janet Treloar are both authors on this subject and explain what a spiritual emergency is.
Moving Through a Spiritual Emergency
Catherine Lucas and Janet Treloar talk about how to move through a spiritual emergency.
Child Regression Therapy
Christine Alisa, author of "Turning the Hourglass" has been working with children and adolescents for 25 years.

Videos About Regression Therapy.

Past life healing videos with peoples healing stories

Discovering Regression Therapy - A love story
Insight into the challenges and rewards using Regression Therapy.
About Regression Therapy
From many of the pioneers of regression therapy.
Past Life Therapy - Saving the orphan children
Clearing unexplainable chronic pain in the hands and arms.
Past Life Therapy - The scullery maids vow
Resolving a blocked menstrual cycle.

Children's Spontaneous Past Lives.

Childrens past lives videos

Child's Past Life Video
The girl who remembered a past life of being killed by a train.

Past Life and Regression Therapy Articles

People's Healing Experience

Past life and regression therapy articles

Resolving Extreme Fear and Fainting
The back street abortion, by Andy Tomlinson
Resolving Phantom Pain
by Dr Peter Mack
Improving ME Energy Levels
The ship wrecked sailors suicide, by Hazel Newton
Resolving Sex Addiction
A 5 year old boy deprived on love, by Reena Kumarasingham

Spirit Releasement and Other Articles

Spirit Releasement articles

Spirit Releasement Article
Is Spirit Releasement fact or fiction? by Andy Tomlinson
An interview with Andy Tomlinson
Living is Easy - Australian radio show

Regression Therapy and Past Life Research

Research consists of practice and evidence based approaches. Practice based research uses the results from pre and post therapy questionnaires using large numbers of clients over a range of problems. Evidence based research works with a group of clients with the same problem to demonstrate its effectiveness in that area.

In practice based past life research, Hazel Denning studied the results of eight Regression Therapists and over 1000 clients between 1985 and 1992. The results were measured just after the therapy, after six months, one year, two years and five years. Of the 450 clients who could still be tracked after 5 years; 24% reported the symptoms had completely gone, 23% reported considerable or dramatic improvement, 17% reported noticeable improvement (TanDam, 1990).

Dr. Heather Rivera (2012) worked with 180 clients from a wide range of religious backgrounds and showed that apart from the therapeutic benefits 74% found their life was more meaningful and 80% found death no longer held any fear.

In evidence based past life research Ron Van der Maesen (1999) worked with fifty-four clients who had reoccurring disturbing voices or thoughts. At a six month follow up after the therapy by an external Psychiatrist, 25% found the disturbing voices disappeared, and a further 32% could now cope. Overall 80% had a positive subjective experience and would recommend this therapy for reoccurring problems like these in others.

Ron Van der Maesen (1998) also conducted past life research with Tourettess syndrome. This is a disorder characterised with involuntary repetitive behaviours. The current view has been that this is usually a lifelong condition. The work was conducted with 22 clients over the age range of 9 to 52 years old. Of the ten subjects who completed all the therapy and responded to the one-year follow-up questionnaire, 50% reported that their motor tics had for the most part largely disappeared or been greatly reduced in frequency. The same also applied to their vocal tics. Five also reported that they were free of medication, in sharp contrast to the pre-study period.

Returning to practice based past life research, Wambach (Snow,1986) conducted the largest study using 26 regression therapists who had worked with a total of 17,350 clients. Of these 63% reported an improved in a physical symptom, and 40% reported an improved their interpersonal relationships.


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